Technologies to Electrical

Time for a mix up! Introducing new & Improved….. Electrifying Change: Ultraflex Technologies Transforms into Ultraflex Electrical When Gareth embarked on his journey with Ultraflex Technologies, he had a vision. A vision that would see the company evolve, adapt, and become a beacon of excellence in the electrical industry. And now, that vision has become […]

Power Outage

Power Outage

Here’s the power outage story, you wake up in the morning, reach over and check your phone, batteries dead, phone won’t charge. Turn on the lights to start getting ready for your day, the lights seem dim and appear to start flickering. You shuffle to the kitchen to make breakfast. The microwave won’t work and […]

Business Facility Maintenance

Switch Room

As a fellow business owner I understand all the implications, the stresses and the many hats we need to wear to maintain a Healthy business. This juggling act can soon become overwhelming and we can get lost in day to day operations. Often things can be overlooked or areas of a business can be neglected […]

Wiring Rules Change

NZ Standards Electrical

Just as any legal documentation the wiring rules is subject to change and should be in effect late 2019. The wiring rules is basically the Law book for Electricians. Don’t risk it when hiring electricians, get one that is qualified for the job and knows the do’s and don’ts! A note on the regulatory status […]