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Caravan EWOF'S only $110 + gst

Includes Local Travel to your house, Full electrical safety inspection, Inspection Certificate and 4 yearly EWOF Sticker.

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How do I know I need an EWOF?

To be accepted on New Zealand roads, Campsites, Events etc your Caravan or Portable Buildings must have a current EWOF. Above all this states the Caravan is Compliant and therefore in good working order Electrically. Let’s get it sorted before your holiday so you can spend more time relaxing and less time worrying.

How long does an EWOF last?

An EWOF needs to be completed every 4 years

How far is this Service available?

The $110+gst charge covers a local radius of 25km from Bayfair. This covers the majority of the Tauranga Area. Additional KM’s charged will be at $1+gst Per KM

What included in the EWOF charge?

Our charge covers admin costs to book in the job, local travel to the property the caravan or campervan is situated, a Registered Electrical Inspector to complete Testing of the Caravan, and complete the necessary certification for it.

What Tests are actually done?

We have a process of checks and tests that need to be completed to ensure it is electrically safe. These include Earthing Checks, Polarity, Insulation Resistance, Testing Each Socket outlet, and checking circuit protection to name a few. You can rest assured that the testing has been completed to a high standard as after all the inspector is putting his name down to it.

How long will the EWOF take?

Depending on the size and the complexity of the Caravan or Campervan this process could take between 30-60minutes long.

Do I need to be home for the EWOF to be completed?

No, it is not a requirement that you are home at the time. As long as we have all of your details and you can leave a spare key out or it unlocked we can do the rest.

Do I need to have the power on and set up for the inspector to complete the EWOF?

No this is not overly necessary for the inspector to complete the checks. All checks and tests can be done without the power on. However, if you do have the power on some extra tests could be done at the time.

How long from filling out the booking for or Pre-Purchasing the EWOF will it take for the Inspector to come out and complete it?

Please allow up to a week’s wait for us to come out. We are quite often booked with full days of other electrical jobs. However, we are usually able to book these before a day’s work, during or after another job. We endeavor to complete the job in a reasonable time frame.

Ultraflex Technologies can tick all the boxes for your Caravan and Portable Building needs

Custom design to wire for Commercial Portable buildings including the popular Tiny Homes, Coffee Carts, Food Trucks and Portable Offices

Converting Imported Caravans from the US, UK and China to New Zealand accepted Standard with an Electrical Certificate of Compliance

4 Yearly EWOF (Electrical Warrant of Fitness) Completed by a Resisted Electrical Inspector

Repairing, Testing and Tagging of Non-compliant, faulty or dangerous Leads

Supply of Custom Caravan Leads and other associated equipment

Extra Power Points, USB Charging Points and New Stylish Switch Gear

Extra Low Voltage solutions for the Lone Traveler

Luxury Extras, T.V Installations, Satellite Dishes

Lighting Upgrades, Additions and Alterations

Solar Power, Inverters and Battery Setups

Full of-grid or grid-tie Solar Solutions

In conclusion we can provide a range of solutions including Modifications, Safety Upgrades and EWOF inspections this resulting in advise to enhance your portable building. If you are Looking at buying or selling a Caravan Check out NZMCD

We now offer Launch & Boat EWOF’s too!

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