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Electrical Inspections completed under the Electrical Safety  Regulations 2010

These can include items as:

  • Mains Cable Inspection and polarity verification
  • Main Earth & MEN System Inspections
Full ROI Compliance and a comprehensive checklist completed to ensure the safety of the installation. 
  • Mains Parallel Generation system in an installation
  • Photo Voltaic system in the installation to AS/NZS 5033
  • Stand-alone power systems to AS/NZS 4509

Do you have an old building where you are unsure if the electrics are safe or not?

Need to have an Inspection done if your property has been disconnected for 6 Months or More?

We can complete all Periodic Verifications under AS/NZS 3019

There are 3 different levels of verification

Section 3: Verification by basic visual inspection

Section 4: Verification by visual inspection and limited testing

Section 5: Verification by visual inspection and full testing

  • Certification certificates for insurance purposes
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections to check the integrity of the electrical system
  • Caravan Park Periodic Verification
  • Trustpower Approved Contractor

Certification of patient areas need to completed by an Electrical Inspector for a new installation, any alterations, additions or repairs of the exiting installation.

Re-Verification of these areas must be completed by an Electrical Inspector at intervals not exceeding 12 Months.

This process is governed by AS/NZS 3000 (The Wiring rules) and additionally AS/NZS 3003 (Patient Areas)

These Patient areas are known as Body-Protected and Cardiac-Protected Areas. They both have a unique set of requirements for the electrical equipment whiten the area.

A patient area is a location where it is intended that low-voltage medical electrical equipment will be used on a patient. This does not include areas such as corridors and lifts where low-voltage medical equipment is only used in an emergency or for transportation of patients.

We can complete all of the certification process, Verifications and give advice around whether the area is infact subject to these regulations or not.

Typical areas could be a Private Practice Surgical Room, Nurse Station, Dental Room etc

Every portable building, caravan and Boat that has 230v low-voltage within the installation requires to have an EWOF every 4 years completed by a registered Electrical Inspector.

This consists of us coming out to site, Testing the installation and providing you with certification and a new EWOF sticker.

Part 1 Inspections cover any electrical work not completed under Part 2 of AS/NZS3000 (Wiring Rules)

This could be an imported caravan or building that it wiring was completed in another country under a different set of rules

This could include a situation where something was not able to be completed under part 2 due to design constraints

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