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As a fellow business owner I understand all the implications, the stresses and the many hats we need to wear to maintain a Healthy business. This juggling act can soon become overwhelming and we can get lost in day to day operations. Often things can be overlooked or areas of a business can be neglected causing an unexpected catastrophe almost always at the wrong time.
Electrical systems are the heart of any facility yet one of the most over looked areas in a business. It is vital to maintain a facility’s electrical system to avoid the unexpected power losses. Even the smallest steps taken today may mean that you never have an issue with your electrical system in the future.

I would recommend that every building should have a routine electrical maintenance schedule. Not just getting an electrician in when something fails but to take Pro Active steps to avoid future breakdowns. The amount of stories you hear about unexpected fires, or electric shocks due to neglecting basic maintenance.

Some more reasons below why an Electrical Maintenance plan should be such a vital tool to your business:

Equipment breakdowns can be dramatically reduced by implementing a maintenance plan
The average electrical failure could cause a huge interruption to work flow.
Your electrical components are three time more likely to have a failure without a maintenance schedule.
Effective electrical maintenance will help avoid disruptions to work flow, damage of property and the lost profit it can cause.
Failure to keep electrical equipment maintained over a long period will inevitably lead to costly emergency repairs including an increased risk to the facility and safety issues.
Ultraflex Technologies can offer custom maintenance plans suitable for your facility.

Another big thing in electrical safety in the work place at the moment is Test & Tagging your appliances. Now I will break the rumour and tell you that it is not mandatory to get your appliances test & tagged however it is legally required that your equipment is electrically safe and maintained in a safe condition. It also provides a snapshot of the condition of your appliances and an asset data base of electrical appliances.

Now some companies Health & Safety Policy may state that all there electrical equipment on site is to be Tested & Tagged. Which this also means you may not be allowed on their site till your equipment is test and tagged as well. This is a great initiative keeping a standard throughout a facility and will be seen as taking all practicable steps to a safer working environment regarding electrical appliances.

Other areas we maintain include:

Lighting, keeping a data base of the lights in your facility, changing lamps and/ or upgrading to LED lighting.
HVAC Systems, Keeping your Air Conditioning, Fresh Air and Extraction systems running in perfect condition to ensure a comfortable working environment.
Communication; Is your business in the logistics industry? We offer all maintenance of 2 way Radio systems from our Telecommunications Engineer.
These elements of maintenance are more affordable than you would think and can be worked in with our custom maintenance plans. We can also book it in to a time that suits your business when your facility is not too busy.


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