Medical Area High Risk Inspection


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Independent Inspection of a Medical Body Protected area

Certification of patient areas needs to completed by an Electrical Inspector for a new installation, any alterations, additions or repairs of the existing installation.

Re-Verification of these areas must be completed by an Electrical Inspector at intervals not exceeding 12 months.

This process is governed by AS/NZS 3000 (The Wiring rules) and additionally AS/NZS 3003 (Patient Areas)

These Patient areas are known as Body-Protected and Cardiac-Protected Areas. They both have a unique set of requirements for the electrical equipment whiten the area.

A patient area is a location where it is intended that low-voltage medical electrical equipment will be used on a patient. This does not include areas such as corridors and lifts where low-voltage medical equipment is only used in an emergency or for transportation of patients.

We can complete all of the certification process, Verifications and give advice around whether the area is in fact subject to these regulations or not.

Typical areas could be a Private Practice Surgical Room, Nurse Station, Dental Room etc

This covers a minimum of an hour to complete our Full Compliance Check Sheet,? ROI Database entry/ Paperwork and local travel.

Dependant on the size of the area, a minimum hour could cover the area.

Subsequent hours will be charged at $95 + gst